of Bees and Trees and Things That Please

Welcome to my blog! Come on in and make yourself comfortable.

I live on a half-acre of mountainside property; it’s actually more an urban farm because the smallish town we moved to over 20 years ago is rapidly growing. Here is where I homeschooled  five children; and raise chickens, bees, trees, and a garden.

After losing my husband at a fairly young age (and nearly losing myself in grief), I found myself again through writing for a local weekly newspaper. I loved writing stories about people and events in our community. Eventually I authored two weekly columns, one featuring my perspective on my experiences, the other focusing on our visits to local places.

The electronic media eventually took over those weekly bundles of doorstep-delivered news. But it has also opened an opportunity to continue writing and sharing through a blog. So, let’s start Looking Around and see what we find!

Life is filled with wonders and changes. It truly is a journey, not a destination.


9 thoughts on “of Bees and Trees and Things That Please

  1. This is wondeful dear! Next to my mom you are the strongest woman I know! This was well written. J need to figure out his to follow it now!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! You’ve evolved to where most of us can’t comprehend, but thus helps! I loved your non verbal communication with Mr snake. Wow!


  3. Love your blog! Will look forward to the next installment! Always loved your Busy Times you wrote earlier, just fun reading what everyone had to write about. Your Walks With Milo are great! Keep writing!!!


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